Boyalife Group, previously known as the International Consortium of Stem Cell Research (INCOSC), was founded in July 2009 in Wuxi, China. INCOSC was initially formed as an industrial-research among seven of the world’s top research institutes in life sciences and medicine, including Peking University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Scottish Center for Regenerative Medicine. INCOSC aimed to accelerate translation of biomedical research into clinical applications. This initiative was directly supported by two major grants from Chinese Ministry of Science & Technology (2010DFB30640). INCOSC later become Boyalife Group.

  Currently, Boyalife Group has over 30 subsidiaries and nationwide operation. Among all the subsidiaries, the Boyalife Stem Cell Bank is the nation’s leading clinical stem cell bank, accredited by American Association of Blood Banking (AABB) and World Health Organization. In July 2015, the Boyalife became the world’s Stem Cell Bank accredited by AABB standard of Somatic Cell. Through other subsidiaries, the company is also engaged in regenerative medicine, genomics, animal cloning, innovative drug discovery and disease modeling.

  In 2012, Boyalife Group won the prestigious “2012 CCTV China Brand Award”, becoming the leading brand in healthcare and pharmaceutical sector in China.

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